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Do you read sewing magazines? Have you ever considered buying a sewing magazine? Honestly, I only buy them if they had an interesting cover. One month in early 2016 I put a little more thought into what these magazines were representing. I started to pay closer attention to the experts that were featured and the contributors for these magazines. I purchased about 12 titles and not one showed an expert in the issue that resembled me. That blew my mind. I decided that come hell or high water I was going to publish a sewing magazine that would represent not some but all the makers out there especially those who look like me. I put together a plan and a deadline to publish our first issue in November of 2017 and here we are today.


Michelle Morris is the Editor-in-chief of the colorful Fashion, sewing and DIY blog That Black Chic. This is a platform on which she shares her own fashions, sewing tips, reviews and tutorials. She is a sewing influencer on the scene who has become known for her loud and unusual prints and her ability to mix and match. She is also known for working with her fabric of choice, denim and making show stopping pieces of clothing.

NIKON D510010636.JPG
0 TBC_0986.jpg was voted 2015 “Burda Style’s 50 Best of Blogging”. She was also the winner of the first annual sewing competition “Rippin Ain’t Easy” in 2015. chose her to be a judge in their second sewing competition “Super Online Sewing Match II” and she also worked with on a Robert Kaufman Fabric release project.


BERNINA, USA chose her to represent the brand as a “BERNINA Ambassador” in 2016-2018 and she was an resident expert on their blog, posting step by step tutorials and Fashion posts. She also penned monthly posts for Fabric Mart Fabrics as a Fabric Mart Fabricista at “”. Michelle is also a sought-after pattern tester and has worked with “Closet Case Patterns, Straight Stitch Patterns, Blue Dot Patterns, Style Sew Me Patterns and newly released Nina Ramel Patterns”.

Michelle currently represents HUSQVARNA VIKING Sewing machines. She is the proud owner of the "Designer Ruby Royale" and the brand new "Designer Brilliance 80” both machines are sewing and embroidery machines.


Michelle was featured in “Sew Style magazine” in 2016. Her work was featured in the April/May 2017, Feb/March 2018 and June/July 2018 issues of “Sew News magazine”, who also featured her in a "Meet the Maker" article in the June/July 2017 issue. Michelle has also had projects featured in their issues for 2019 and 2020.

Mori Morris is the face and model of That Black Chic blog and also an editor for Sewn Magazine. Mori is a graduate from the University of Richmond in Richmond, VA. Although she doesn't sew, she has an art background and lends a hand when creating projects for the blog and the magazine.

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